Difference between Freelancer Developer and Website Development Companies

Freelancer vs web development company

It’s out of the question to imagine contemporary businesses pulling through without an official website or a mobile application. From education to manufacturing, hospitality to retail, every sector notices business rivalries and corporations competing through exceptionally engaging websites and applications. The audience reach and visibility offered by these websites and applications are extensive. Having your own website or application can boost your business, but simply creating a website just because you have to do not suffice. High quality is of paramount importance when you consider building your website. A Freelancer Developer or a Website Development Company is two great options to consider before deciding where you want to get your website built.

A Freelancer is an independent laborer. Freelancers have been categorized as self-employed by the International Revenue Service (IRS). Nearly 41.1 million Americans identified themselves as freelancers as per an MBO Partner’s survey conducted in 2019. Freelancing not only allows you to be your own boss, but you also have an opportunity to test drive a new career or even have a side hustle to support your full-time employment. Instead of “employees”, freelancers are considered to be “contractors” for the companies they work for. They agree to a predetermined fee which depends upon the time and effort consumed by the given task. With any job you choose to do, you have to face its positive and negative sides. Freelancing is no different. The advantages of freelancing include freedom to work from anywhere, a flexible work schedule, work-life balance, the option to work part-time or full-time, and many more. The disadvantages of freelancing include uncertainty about future income and job stability, having to first invest in the technology you need to complete your projects, and not having employer benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans.

You may notice freelancers working across various sectors, like film, video editing and production, photographers, artists, web development, android development, event management and planning, tutors, and many more. Some freelancing websites include Fiverr, Upwork Inc., etc.

But, freelancers aren’t the only option available for website development. People also consider Website Development companies as an alternative to freelancers.

Web development is the complex process of creating a website. This complicated process involves many stages before you achieve the perfect website, and all the stages are equally important-web designing, content creation, web development, etc. Thus, Web Development companies play an important part in providing customers with highly engaging websites. A Website Development Company codes applications and designs websites for users. These companies provide start-ups and emerging businesses with the technical aspects of things. They help a firm build its official websites from scratch. A Web development company appoints different people for different tasks, which mean every stage of the process is supervised by a separate person with expertise relating to the respective stage.
Since both freelance developers and web development companies are great for getting a website built. What should one choose? What is the difference between these two?

A freelancer is a single individual who may not have expertise in all the skills required for building your website. For example, he may be good at designing but not that good at coding websites. This forces you to hire multiple freelancers, whereas hiring a company also means hiring a complete team, all the people having the different skills required to make your website the best. This would lead to better coordination between all the members of the team. Thus, manageability increases when you work with a company.

Also, the quality of the website isn’t compromised when working with a company because of their professional team, whereas the quality offered by a freelancer depends upon his skillset.
Communication becomes easier when you have to coordinate with one company having an organized team as compared to having to coordinate with many freelancers.
With receiving high-quality work, it is crucial to consider the money being paid. Freelancers generally charge less than companies, thus attracting business owners. This shows that freelancers are more budget-friendly.

When it comes to meeting deadlines, one can completely trust companies because they have organized teams providing great efficiency. They also need to maintain trustworthy relationships with their clients. If one person in the team fails to do the work for some reason, the remaining team will make sure that the project is still completed, whereas this may not be true for a freelancer, as he is an independent worker with no such team.
Freelancers do provide their clients with flexible schedules, which may not be an option with a company.

Hiring freelancers is a good option for small businesses, whereas larger businesses and corporations can hire development companies. Freelancers and companies fit different project conditions perfectly and, thus, are no competitors for each other. Web development is an important investment made by businesses, and so it is important to consider all the factors before you choose between the two.