Why Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Is Better Than Hiring a Freelancer

In this digital age, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to cement their presence online. Many large scale businesses have in-house teams that take care of all the online marketing and promotion. But if you are a relatively new business owner, then odds are stacked against you. Usually, mid-sized and small businesses prefer outsourcing solutions, which is a prudent approach. However, the question arises, to whom should you, as a business owner, assign the responsibility of handling online marketing and brand imaging of your business- a freelancer or a Digital Marketing Agency.

What does a Digital Marketing Agency do?

If you take the case of any typical digital marketing agency in Australia, you would observe that it is usually an enterprise or firm where a well-organised group of professionals work within a systematic structure. The team works with clearly defined objectives and goals for any given project. The objectives of a digital marketing agency are in alignment with what the client wants or requires, which makes their services desirable, even if they are expensive sometimes. This is the hallmark of a digital marketing agency. Sydney is home to many professional digital marketing agencies.

Who are Freelancers?

Freelancers, essentially, are consultants that work independently, lending their knowledge and expertise to the clients and their businesses. Even though working with freelancers could be cost-effective, the work they are able to provide is often limited in more ways than one.

Why is it better for your business to hire a digital marketing agency than freelancers?

Although there are plenty of talented freelancers out there, for a business owner, going with a digital marketing agency has certain clear advantages over freelancing options. A few of those advantages are discussed below:

    • Pool of resources

Small or mid-sized businesses already lag behind big corporations in terms of the financial resources they can invest in online marketing. If on top of that, the only thing you are betting on is the expertise of the freelancer, then you are clearly setting yourself up for a loss.

Digital marketing agency provides you with an entire team of expert professionals, who are trained and carry experience in the domain to deliver world-class digital solutions. Furthermore, an agency would make sure that you get nothing but the best standard of quality in your solution and services so that it can remain competitive.

    • Consistency in performance

An agency has to maintain its name and reputation in the market in order to keep getting work. This is why the emphasis is given on consistent performance within digital marketing agencies. However, in the case of freelancers, the quality of work can vary, particularly when the projects are massive. The sheer workload can dampen the quality of work by a freelancer. Whereas, agencies have the resources to tackle any kind of workload. Hence, you can always rely upon digital marketing agencies to get standard work, that is in accordance with your expectations.

    • Accurate analysis of results

How do you know that the solutions you invested in are reaping returns? It is important to get an unbiased look at how the marketing solutions are working and if they actually help your business. Any typical digital marketing agency in Australia, generally, put in place Key Performance Indicators, that are constantly monitored.

They also remain in constant communication with their clients. They not only grasp the requirements and business goals but also continually improve their solutions based on the results. By replacing things that are not working, with things that do, the team tirelessly works to improve the performance of the solution. Such an accurate and unbiased assessment of results is not attainable with limited resources of a freelancing service provider.


The only issue businesses encounter while hiring digital marketing services is the high cost. However, what businesses fail to understand is that by assigning work in bulk to a digital marketing agency, they can actually save both money and time. Instead of hiring different freelancers for speciality jobs, you can get the work done in a cost-effective manner, within a shorter time frame. Hence, investing in the quality work being delivered by a digital marketing agency, Sydney, is a better alternative than hiring a freelancer.