How to Take Down Negative Search Results in Google


In such an imperfect world like ours, we are often unable to remove unfair and harmful search results about ourselves. In online business, it’s awful to have a negative comment or review, and it’s a nightmare if it appears on google. Therefore, it’s crucial to handle the situation as calmly as possible, so disappearing from the web will not help; instead, it can lead to more content about you.

Thereby, we need to create our positive content to suppress the negative review, and here are some steps to take down negative search results that can hurt our image online:

1. Create and Manage Public profiles for yourselves
2. Contact the Webmaster where the negative content is published against you.
3. Comment Publicly in the news, articles, and any social media platform
4. Checkout the Negative commentator’s social profiles to get their email
5. The link amongst your various sites
6. Take back negative keywords
7. Submit a Legal Removal request to google

There are specific sites that are very popular in search results. We can suppress the negative results simply by creating a profile on them with our name and other information. Our privacy settings should be publicly viewed, and we should post those particular contents which we are sure about.

The following are the list of sites we can use:
● Facebook
● Google+
● Twitter
● LinkedIn
● Pinterest
● Quora
● Reddit
● About. me

Negative search can also affect our online business, so here are some tips that we can to remove negative search results and bring a solid reputation for the brand and will help us to build a solid social media image:

1. Contacting the Webmaster will be one of the most accessible solutions to get rid of negative results to request them to remove all the negative content published against our brand. We need to understand how badly the harmful content affects our business and provide them with a sufficient amount of proof that those reviews and contents are nothing more than baseless rumors.

2. Creating a website or writing a blog is very useful to take down negative search result. One of the essential steps in taking down negative search result is publish content on your own website on daily basis. Finding keywords related to negative links can help us write a blog against those keywords in our blogs and tweets.

3. Being socially active plays a huge role in taking down such negative comments. Therefore, commenting publicly in news, articles, and social media can be of great help. We can use our real name to register on news websites and comment on social media platforms, as posting our real name can be counted as an intelligent move in selling ourselves. We have to keep in mind that the post will show up whenever someone googles us, so our post should be: intelligent, grammatically correct, spell-checked, well-reasoned content.

4. One of the easiest ways that Google calculates a site’s position in the search results algorithm is by checking how many times other sites link. We can create a Twitter account, connect it to our Facebook account, connect both of them to our blogger page, and increase our network connections all over social media. The more we use our accounts and interact with people, the more likely they are to link to our content.

5. Taking back negative keywords is essential for our social media image. If a search for our name brings up negative or unwanted results, we should avoid using those keywords at any cost. We should replace the negative keywords with positive ones which will lead to our good reputation.

Doing all of this to take down negative search result, required patient and time. If you are not capable to do all of this hard work, We will do it for you. Digitalplux is the best digital marketing agency in Sydney and provide result oriented services to reduce your workload and increase online reputation in major search engines.

All the above tips can test your patience, so hard work, time, and a bit of luck are the most effective weapons one can use to take down negative search results. Negative criticism is hard to win over but not impossible, so no matter how many negative searches are there, we can always win them over with our positive content.